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- where tradition meets modernity in every stitch. Founded in 2012 by the Skappel family, our Oslo-based knitwear brand is deeply rooted in Norwegian hand knitting tradition. With a passion for preserving centuries-old heritage, we infuse each design with a touch of modern style. Explore our latest collections and knit your own dream garments! 🐑 🌸

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The perfect collaboration

Helene Myhre has a profile that pays tribute to Norwegian nature. She is passionate about making the most of the opportunities we have in our country, and through her Instagram account @helenemoo she inspires and shares travel tips with her followers. Her passion for beautiful Norwegian nature together with Skappels passion for the unique Norwegian wool and our countries knitting traditions, fit together perfectly and has given an honest and genuine collaboration.

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Future is Sheep

Undeserved environmental scapegoat

In the "Future is Sheep" campaign, we shed light on the sheep farming industry, which we believe is unfairly portrayed as an environmental scapegoat. Help us spread the message! 🐑🩷

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