Washing Instructions

Check the label on our yarn qualities to see how garments knitted in the various yarn qualities should be washed.


Skappel’s tips

On all yarn skeins, there are symbol instructions for how to treat the yarn, but symbols are not always easy to understand. We are careful with washing our wool sweaters and will, as far as possible, air them outside instead of washing them. If you still have an accident, there are possibilities:


Hand Wash: Gently wash the sweater by hand in lukewarm water with a little soap intended for wool wash. Then gently squeeze out as much water as possible from the sweater without pulling or stretching it too much. Lay it flat on a towel and roll the towel and sweater together. Let the towel draw water out of the sweater for a few hours before unrolling the garment and letting it dry on a bathroom floor or another warm place until it is dry.


Maschine Wash: Wash the sweater on the wool wash program in the machine. It is good to know that your washing machine is suitable for washing hand-knitted sweaters. It usually isn’t a problem if the washing machine is of a newer type, but if you are unsure, we strongly recommend testing with a sample of leftover yarn before washing your sweater. Then do as described above with the towel you roll the sweater into. Not all machines are equally gentle, so it is important to be sure that your machine is suitable for washing hand-knitted sweaters.


One of my daughter Marthe’s friends had knitted herself a Skappel sweater and was mighty proud. For some reason, the sweater found its way into the washing machine and reappeared in size 3 years, compact like a felted slipper and stiff as cardboard. Unhappily, she had to acknowledge that the sweater was unusable and ready for the trash bag. Then her dad showed up and asked if he could take the tiny sweater with him on the hunt? He froze terribly on his butt when he sat on the elk post. Thus, the sleeves were cut off, and the sweater became a warm seat cushion for a frozen rear end. There’s a silver lining to every cloud!


– Head of design, Dorthe Skappel