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Note: This is NOT a finished sweater, but a knit kit which includes yarn and a digital pattern
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What does the knitting kit contain?

The knitting kit includes yarn and a SKAPPEL label. The pattern is digital.

Knitting needles and Skappel tote bag are sold separately.

The pattern is written in English.

Detailed description

Note: We would like to inform you that the colors in the pictures may differ slightly from how they appear in reality.

If you want other color variations than what we include in our website, please contact [email protected] and they will help you with your order.
Size Size Small Medium Large
Size Garment measurements In cm:
Chest size, approx. 114S 134M 144L
Total length, approx. 64S 75M 77L
Sleeve length, approx. 43S 48M 48L

In inches:
Chest size, approx. 45S 52 3/4M 56 3/4L
Total length, approx. 25 1/4S 29 1/2M 30 1/4L
Sleeve length, approx. 17S 19M 19L
Size Amount of yarn (g) Spinnvill in grams, each bundle = 50 grams

Four color variant:
Base color 1: 200S 200M 250L
Contrast color 1: 200S 200M 200L
Base color 2: 150S 200M 200L
Contrast color 2: 150S 150M 150L

Or two color variant:
Base color: 400S 450M 500L
Contrast color: 300S 350M 400L
Size Recommended needles Circulars: 6mm and 5mm, length 16 and 32 in/ 40 and 80 cm.
Double pointed needles: 5mm

NOTE adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge if neccesary.
Size Difficulty level 2
Size Knitting gauge 19 stitches in pattern = approx. 4 in / 10 cm

NOTE adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge if neccesary.
To ensure that your result is good, and that you have enough yarn to complete your project, it's important to follow the specified measurements in the pattern, and to check your gauge before you start on the project.

Everyone knits a little differently, and the specified gauge for our models is based on Dorthe Skappel's gauge on the garments. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you consider yourself to knit "normally", since her normal might be different from yours.

Remember that the recommended needles in the pattern are only a guide. They will provide the correct gauge for some, but not for all. When you knit a sample to measure your gauge, you may find that you knit a bit looser, or a bit tighter compared to the specified gauge. If you knit tighter, you will have to go up a needle size, and if you knit looser, you will need to go down a needle size.